SINGLE REVIEW: Cat & Calmell – dumbshit

Cat & Calmell are here and ready to become your new favourite obsession. Hailing from Sydney, the pop meets R&B duo are a fresh sonical perspective for the Australian market which is desperately needed. 

Already drawing sonical comparisons to Chloe x Halle, Mallrat and Evie Irie, their debut single ‘dumbshit’ is a blend of dreamy and nostalgic palettes. It’s the sort of song that could (and will) soundtrack nights that you might not make it home, and days that you might just unapologetically push the boundaries and do something that you may regret. it’s an coming of age anthem, and a real embodiment of being content with being a little reckless, which I personally LOVE. 

“I did some dumb shit! Can’t break these habits! Keep hoping and wishing we’ll just keep kicking, kicking to drum hits . Maybe someday we’ll make it. Getting closer like magnets . We’ll burn all our bridges still young and reckless” they euphorically sing. 

The smooth pop song is very atmospheric and doesn’t allow the production to get too over complicated. Instead it lives in the moment, which conveniently ties in with the lyrical concept. 

With a massive social media following on their individual platforms already, Cat & Calmell are a duo that you won’t want to underestimate. ‘dumbshit’ is a HUGE song to have as their debut single, and it’s going to be one you won’t forget anytime soon.