SINGLE REVIEW: Kylie Minogue – Magic

Kylie Minogue is back in her Disco-pop lane, and she is THRIVING. Her poignantly titled fifteenth studio album ‘Disco’ will be released on November 6 and promises to be a nostalgic affair that brings the groovy attributes of disco back through a 2020 filtered lens. 

The lead single ‘Say Something’ delivered a groovy synth baseline that embraced that sentiment perfectly, and the follow up track ‘Magic’ smoothly continues that exploration. From the opening oozing of the synths and keys that slide into a groovy baseline and rhythmic beat, she captures that retrospective disco heart that artists like Dua Lipa have recently brought back into the commercial market. And to give this song an extra burst of energy and light, she adds some trumpets to the chorus which help give it more character. 

The song is a head over heels love song that is all about falling for someone and instantly feeling that magic spark between them. It’s a story we’ve heard from her in the past with ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ as one of the most famous examples. But the imagery surrounding this story is new and brings the song into a fresh perspective. 

“Dancing together, ain’t nothing that could be better. Tomorrow don’t matter, we’ll make the night last forever. So do you believe in magic?” she sings during the slick hook. 

The song is instantly catchy, and has a stronger hook and structure than the lead single which felt really short and and abrupt in moments. This feels like a classic Kylie song, and is very much a welcome back from her country crossover ‘Golden’.