EP REVIEW: Thomas Headon – The Goodbye EP

While the world has been in a global lockdown it has really highlighted that there are two distinct type of people. Some are keeping busy with creative projects, and some are taking the time to reflect and intricately take care of their mental health. Thomas Headon has been a key representation of the former. Throughout the period of lockdown he has released two EP’s. The first was brilliantly titled ‘The Greatest Hits’ and came at the end of March when everyone was discovering the intensity of the situation. He had planned to extensively tour that body of work, but the world had different plans, so instead of waiting to tour that EP, he finished writing and recording another body of work called ‘The Goodbye EP’. 

This collection of songs acts as a exploration into his past 12 months that saw him moving to London and wanting attention in every aspect of his life whether that be love interests, friends or himself. Sonically it falls into the bedroom indie-pop category, and hears him continuing the DIY experimentation that his first EP honed. 

Opening with ‘I’m Finally In Love’ he smoothly sets the mood with a minimalistic intro that hears him declaring his love for someone and the genuine fear he has going into it. ‘Loving You’ beings with the buzzing synth that the intro finishes on and leans into a psychedelic inclined synth realm that sounds like the love child of Tame Impala meets Rex Orange County. ‘Focus’ then introduces a RNB influence that highlights a sound you are used to from Mac Miller and Frank Ocean, and damn it sounds good on him. 

‘Cut And Bleach My Hair’ is a song that immediately stood out to me with it’s DIY and minimalistic production that sways you through its duration, or maybe it was the relatable lyrics of the cycle of bleaching my hair when I need to feel something that resonated close to home. “I don’t know why I feel so strange. So I’ll cut my hair and I’ll hope that’ll change” he candidly sings during the chorus. 

The lead single ‘UrbanAngel1999’ is an upbeat and catchy moment that sounds joyous, but really it’s a song that’s all about someone not wanting him, and desperately just wishing that she would want him back. Taking a full circle journey, the EP closes with ‘I’m Finally Alone’ which is about the importance of having a moment to yourself, as it helps reset your thoughts. We are so used to having people around us at all points of the day or having access to talk to someone through social media, that we forget the serenity and power of switching off and being alone with your thoughts. It’s a groovy The 1975 inspired little moment that feels like the perfect closing and contrast to everything else on this body of work.

Thomas Headon may only be a year into his musical journey, but the London based singer-songwriter has already proved himself to be someone that you need to keep tabs on and embrace his experimental charged growing discography.