EP REVIEW: Cate – Love, The Madness

There are a lot of incredible pop newcomers who are baring their hearts to listeners with an intriguing palette of ear worm hooks and deep emotions. And one of my recent must listen favourites comes from London based Canadian singer-songwriter Cate. Her debut EP ‘Love, The Madness’ is a beautifully warm and reflective collection of tracks that introduces who she is as an artist in the most authentic way possible. 

This EP embraces the chaotic journey that one can go on during the coming of age moments between your teen years and “adulthood”. Like what is actually meant to change when you turn 20? Are you meant to have everything sorted out? Are you meant to be ready to get married and have kids soon? What does it all mean? That is the self reflection journey she heads on throughout the six introductory indie-pop tracks. 

Opening with the anthemic ‘Pity Party’, she summarises that sentiment and lays a foundation for the rest of the songs to unravel in a candid and natural manner. The lyric “And I know I seem like a lot right now. Both my socks and my pride are nowhere to be found. I guess this is just 20. I always feel like a joke, and it gets worse or that’s what I’m told” in the second verse immediately hits close to home. But she makes you feel understood and not alone as she declares “I’m scared of being lonely. My clothes are always dirty. I can’t get enough coffee. What can you do?” during the infectious pulsating rhythm of the chorus. 

‘All Talk’ then immediately strips everything back and gives you a very intimate Julia Michaels inspired moment. Exploring the complexities of a toxic relationship, she bares her heart and says the things she wishes she could say, while also wishing that she could just move on, but she can’t bring herself to do it. It segues very smoothly into ‘4AM’ which is a soft guitar and handclap based song that slowly builds into this cheeky little moment that is all about asking someone to come over and spend time with her even though they have a girlfriend and are aware of a built up chemistry that could erupt at anytime. 

‘Funny Story’ is immediately a pure standout on the EP, and see’s her embracing all the bad decisions she makes as its all apart of figuring out who we are. The dreamy indie-pop production intertwines a smooth hook and her soothing vocals that creates this relatable anthem and hears her proclaiming “But, at least I’ve got a story”.

Cate is honestly an incredible storyteller, and her intimate ballads showcase that with no theatrics or gimmicks taking away from the emotional roots that can immediately captivate you so intimately. ‘If I Need To’ discusses her moving away from her hometown to live life and make mistakes instead of falling into the trap of staying there like a lot of her friends. But ‘Heavyweight’ is the ‘Liability’ moment on the EP which will shatter your heart into two and have you feeling every self-destructive thought you’ve ever had. That may sound like an awful time mentally, but it’s actually quite therapeutic and beautiful. “I could tell that you were tired trying to keep afloat. Maybe I’m just better off being on my own” she emotionally confesses during the bridge. 

‘Love, The Madness’ is a beautiful, intimate and relatable exploration of self-discovery. It embraces the raw vulnerability of not knowing what you’re meant to do, and makes a celebration out of it. We aren’t always meant to know everything. We are meant to make mistakes and cry as it’s apart of being human. And these song’s capture that heart while also delivering sweet little ear worm hooks. Obsessed!