SINGLE REVIEW: Zayn – Better

With the announcement of the birth of his daughter, it’s a really strong time for Zayn to release a new single as it takes control of his narrative and steers the tabloids away from his personal life to what he wants people to be speaking out the most; the music. 

‘Better’ is the lead single from the RNB singer-songwriter’s forthcoming third studio album. His sophomore record ‘Icarus Falls’ was a self-indulgent and unnecessarily lengthy collection of 29 tracks that lost the hype he deservingly created with his impressive debut album ‘Mind Of Mine’. 

With three years in-between releases, he’s finally ready to step away from the collaborations he’s been focusing on and gives his fans fresh new music. Sadly ‘Better’ misses the mark in captivating new listeners. Instead the song really feels like something that is intended for his already passionate fanbase. 

With a soft guitar riff driving the production with the inclusion of a chilled out drum beat, it stays in one consistent lane throughout the full duration. There’s not tender stripped back refrain or a soaring high moment, instead it just stays very one note. The chorus interpolates Kasey Cisyk’s ‘You Light Up My Life’ which is a shame because that song has a very cinematic growth that builds in the original, and this song has none of that. 

Zayn knows how to deliver an emotional ballad and tantalising vocal moments. But the extra layer of heart was missing from this one.