SINGLE REVIEW: Sarah Saint James – Big Boy

Sarah Saint James is in an entire lane of her own right now. The Sydney based singer-songwriter has been building her artistry behind the scenes while writing and collaborating with artists like Paces, Sadboii, Gia Vorne, Sarah Wolfe and Tyron Hapi. But she’s also been slowly building and growing the foundations of her solo project with the vividly impressive singles ‘Bittersweet’, ‘Brake’ and ‘outta this world f*ckboys from space)’.

However her new single ‘Big Boy’ has taken the throne as her best and most exciting release yet. The self-assertive pop banger is an experimental and beat-centric explosion of confidence. It takes a colourful and bold pop palette that is inspired by the PC-pop queens Charli XCX, Kim Petras and Brooke Candy, and twists it into a beautifully chaotic and empowering affair. 

Inspired by conversations she would have with A&R and industry big names who would string her along, but then not commit to the project or fully believe in the vision that she’s bringing into fruition. She’s decided to take full control of her narrative and stick it to them with a fiery anthem that will immediately get stuck in your head. “Big boy, but I’m not your play toy. Enjoy your view from the side boy. You like it? Do you like this? Tell me you like it” she cheekily sings during the grimey hook. 

Produced by Cyrus Villanueva, they take a very DIY direction in mixing hard pc-pop beats during the verses and chorus, and then smoothly blending a stripped back pre-chorus without it sounding out of place. It’s super playful and confident which perfectly intertwines with the strong messaging.

With already over 50,000 accumulated streams on Spotify alone from her previous singles, Sarah Saint James is truly an artist you need to discover ASAP. She’s pushing the boundaries further with every release, and is creating music that genuinely excites her which is so joyful and exciting to watch.