Giving us emotionally reassuring and electrifyingly satisfying tracks full of heart, warmth and angst, LPX has taken listeners on a journey of self exploration and healing through the release of her EP’s ‘Bolt In The Blue’ and ‘Junk Of The Heart’. Following the beginning of the next chapter with ‘New Mood’ and ‘Delayed Gratification’ earlier this year, the New York singer-songwriter has excitingly confirmed that EP 3 is on an incoming orbit.  

Her new single ‘My Best’ is a timely anthem that is all about embracing that we are all doing our best right now, and that’s okay. We are living in unprecedented times, and it’s so easy to get trapped in our heads and overthink every single thought that eventually sees us spiralling down a rabbit hole. But we need to remember that we aren’t alone in feeling this way, and right now we are all doing our best, and this song celebrates that in all of it’s emotional glory. 

“It’s like why am I so scared to discover that chaos starts and ends with me” she candidly confesses during the pre-chorus before declaring “I swear I’m trying my bеst. It only feels like a test if I let it, but I lеt it. I don’t wanna pretend it only feels like a threat if I let it, but I let it. I’m trying my best” in the chorus. 

She normalises everyone’s thoughts through this honest and reflective lyrical unravelling. Leaving listeners feeling understood, there is an anthemic feel to it as you are taking ownership of the fact that we are all doing our best, and that’s all we can do. 

The production is quite minimalistic with a garage rock guitar and drum beat driving the sound while a pop polished is layered on top through her vocal delivery. The chorus is quite smooth and would suit a lighter in the air moment at her next show, or, everyone holding each others hands in the air in a covid-free world would be the epitome of being all in this together. 

‘My Best’ is yet another strong track from LPX who time and time again proves herself as an exciting artist that you need in your life.