SINGLE REVIEW: Jacob Whitesides – Hold Me Down

Earlier this year Jacob Whitesides stripped everything back and gave listeners one of his most intimate and vulnerable EP’s yet. ‘Winter Hurts’ was a candid collection of songs that continued the self-reflective exploration he took on his previous EP ‘Colors’.

Parting ways with his record label in 2017 was one of the best decisions he’s ever made, because it’s allowed him to have full creative control and embrace the experimental side to his artistry that has always been simmering. His new single ‘Hold Me Down’ is a perfect representation of that experimental creativity coming into fruition.

Opening with buzzing synths, he introduces a tropical inspired guitar riff that then transforms into this pulsating synth and anthemic groove layered hook. It immediately has you moving along with its infectious feeling of just wanting to be loved and cared for like we’ve always imagined to be. it’s sonically his most commercially inclined track yet, but it also doesn’t sacrifice his DIY layering that has strongly led songs like ‘Whole’, ‘God Took A Bow’ and ‘Killing Me’. With the incorporation of vocal distortion, synth breakdowns and shift of guitar riffs, this song really embraces the unexpected while still giving you an consumable pop palette. 

Lyrically he opens up about the reality of overthinking, and how it genuinely affects relationship building. He then questions what if he lets his walls down and let’s someone in so he can feel a strong human connection again to try tame his wild thoughts. 

“I’ve got a list full of problems, they stretch to the sky. I’m not looking to solve ‘em, you don’t have to try. I’m just looking for someone to keep me from falling tonight” he sings during the pre-chorus before confessing in the hook, “Don’t tell me, nothing really lasts forever. Don’t try to make it better. Just need somebody to hold me, hold me down”. 

‘Hold Me Down’ is a banger of a song that only gets better with every listen. I’m definitely keen for more groovy little moments like this from Jacob Whitesides, but I’m also ready for him to keep surprising me with his DIY and experimental injections.