SINGLE REVIEW: Elliot Jones – Do It Again

Californian singer-songwriter Elliot Jones has been introducing himself to listeners with an array of indie-pop songs including the vulnerably driven ‘Emotions’ and ‘i’m in love’ that preceded the playful ‘Groupie’ which marked his first release of 2020. 

‘Do It Again’ falls into the playful exploration of his artistry, but it also inhabits an emotional layering at the lyrical foundations. Sonically it feels like the right direction for Jones to be heading in as it’s not only commercially accessible, but it’s also slinky and fun. 

Exploring the conflicted emotions behind an on and off again relationship, he dives into the cycle of toxicity that draws him back in over and over again. “I let you break my heart, well ain’t that the best part? I’ll do it again. Not over until when it’s done. Well ain’t that half the fun?” he playfully quips in the chorus before singing “now we’re going to try again, try again” in the refrain. He really captures that vicious cycle that so may people get stuck in, and he refreshingly turns it into something playful and fun. 

The production is very summery and compliments the colourful video that sees him kidnapping an ex and taking him hostage in Malibu. The hook is ridiculously catchy and is a lot stronger than ‘Groupie’ and sits more on par with the memorability of ‘i’m in love’.