For the past three years CXLOE has been giving us a consistent string of strong pop songs that intertwine vulnerable lyrics with pulsating and brooding pop beats. Exploring the multi-layers of her growing artistry, she’s impressed listeners with a knack of creating ear worm hooks that won’t escape your head for hours. 

Her debut EP ‘Heavy Part One’ will finally be released on October 16 and sees recent singles ’12 Steps’ and ‘One And Lonely’ leading the track listing with four new songs joining them on the introductory effort. To coincide with the announcement, the Australian singer-songwriter has unveiled another intoxicating new single, ‘Heavy’.

This song has been in her live set for a few years now, and has always stood out as one that really deserved it’s own spotlight moment, and what better time to release it than intertwined with one of her most exciting announcements yet. 

Capturing an intense feeling of heaviness and self sabotage that has plagued her thoughts for years, this track has found a new universal meaning with the whole world experiencing a unique heaviness spiralled through the pandemic. It’s so easy to get caught up with the thoughts in our head and feel like we are alone in what we are experiencing, but hopefully this song will remind people that its okay to feel this way, but it’s not the end all. But this song was originally inspired by a relationship that was once light and fun but then became too heavy and toxic to hold.

“Why’s it always gotta be so heavy? Always something wrong we use to be so easy. Tell me if I’m wrong but haven’t we got so heavy? Can’t you see I’m trying but you just don’t, just won’t let me” she sings during the infectious and brooding hook.

The production is moody and dark which plays up to the lyrical concept, but there is a pop light that shines through the smooth delivery of the hook and it’s accompanying rhythmic and pulsating energy. It’s such a fun and retrospective moment that feels like the perfect title track to this important chapter in her musical journey.