SINGLE REVIEW: Sam Smith – Diamonds

With all the delays thanks to the never-ending global pandemic that has altered the course of 2020, Sam Smith has finally revealed that their third studio album ‘Love Goes’ will be released on October 30. And for this record it seems that they’ve finally embraced the pop-dance experimentation that they’ve slowly immersed themselves within. 

Their new single ‘Diamonds’ is a groovy and infectious embrace of rhythmic pop-dance that comes close to replicating the unforgettable trance of their Calvin Harris collaboration ‘Promises’. Beginning with a minimalistic production style that feels reminiscent of ‘How Do You Sleep?’, they then drop this immediately captivating beat which completely shifts the sonical direction of the song. 

Telling a triumphant story of love without regret, they highlight the fame and wealth that people chase through love, while also exploring the human connection they forget that is genuinely so important. “You’re never gonna hear my heart break, never gonna move in dark ways. Baby, you’re so cruel. My diamonds leave with you. Material love won’t fool me. When you’re not here, I can’t breathe. Think I always knew my diamonds leave with you” they sing during the chorus. 

This infectiously catchy song is by far the strongest single yet from ‘Love Goes’ and completely reinstalls faith after the snooze worthy ‘My Oasis’ with Burna Boy.