SINGLE REVIEW: Delta Goodrem – Solid Gold

With the forthcoming release of her sixth studio album, Delta Goodrem is setting the pretence that this is going to be an honest and candid affair built around organic production and live instrumentation. The lead singles ‘Keep Climbing’ and ‘Paralyzed’ have complimented that essence and have delivered empowering ballads full of hope and understanding. And the latter single also saw her revealing a battle with a paralysis of a nerve in her tongue that left her having to re-learn how to talk again.

Joining these songs as the third official single from the record is the upbeat ‘Solid Gold’. Offering a classic piano-rock production that steers away from the ballad territory that the first two singles fell into, she gets playful with the nostalgic sound. One thing that really stands out about this song is the strong harmonies that layer the choruses and has you immediately wanting to join in with her and the band. 

Reflecting on the end of a relationship, Goodrem finds peace within embracing her self worth. It’s something that is so easy to get lost within while coming face to face with heartbreak and the concept of uncertainty. She takes the sentiment and highlights how empowering it is to realise the power you always have control of. “I’m gonna take your bad heart and turn it into a small dot. It’s gonna turn to coal, and I’ll burn it all. And all of these embers are gonna make you remember that what you had was always solid gold” she sings during the chorus. 

This is a uniquely exciting song for Delta Goodrem as it steers away from the ballads she’s previously released for this record, but doesn’t easily resort to the pop-synth crossovers she’s experimented with over the past couple of years. Instead, she dives into her foundations and has created something that feels authentic, honest and on brand for her vision.