ALBUM REVIEW: Alicia Keys – Alicia

Alicia Keys is someone who has soundtracked so many peoples lives through the emptiness of heartbreak, the struggle of hardships, and the warmth of love. She has such a versatile discography that has evolved with her over time, and helped shaped a powerful legacy. 

Her poignantly titled seventh studio album ‘Alicia’ is a representation of where she is now, and everything she’s learnt along the way. It’s a collection of songs that strive to uplift, empower and make people feel not so alone with their thoughts during this confusing time. 

There are moments of tender reflection, moments of joyous empowerment, and moments of solidarity which will have your emotions racing and remind you exactly why Alicia Keys is the world renowned artist she is. But there are also forgettable tracks sprinkled throughout the album that could’ve been removed to condense the flow like ‘Wasted Energy’, ‘Me x 7’, ‘So Done’, ‘Jill Scott’ and ‘Perfect Way To Die’.

Here is a list of our top 5 songs from ‘ALICIA’;

5. ‘Gramercy Park

This tender little ballad finds it’s place three quarters the way through the record. With a simple guitar and piano led accompaniment she sings about losing sense of yourself because of love. It’s a really powerful and beautiful song that will immediately hit you right in the feels. 

“Cause I’ve been trying to be everything I think you want me to be. I’ve been doing all the things that I think you wanna see. I’ve been trying to fulfill you with your every need. Now you falling for a person that’s not even me” she emotionally coo’s. 

4. ‘Show Me Love’ feat. Miguel

This is probably one of her most underrated singles to date. This song is STUNNING, and Miguel and Alicia are honestly the collaboration we didn’t know we needed. Their voices intertwine so smoothly together, and I really didn’t want this song to stop. It’s sexy, emotional and fresh. 

3. ‘Love Looks Better’

Now THIS should’ve been a lead single but instead it was released the week before release. It’s anthemic with it’s bold and upbeat pop production and catchy hook that intertwines with it’s radiant message of love. She reflects on letting someone walk out from her life, and trying to win them back. 

“You’re all I ever wanted. So can we talk for a minute? Just stop for a minute. Cause all I wanna do is you. Promise you, baby, my love looks better on you” she sings. 

2. ‘Good Job’

An Alicia Keys piano ballad is my weakness, and this song is unapologetically that ugly cry moment when you’re feeling like you are under-appreciated and unashamedly needing some reassurance. Originally written in a pre-Covid world, this song has taken on a whole new meaning as the whole world has found themselves struggling together, and it’s become so important to help uplift each other. 

“You’re doing a good job. Don’t get too down. The world needs you now. Know that you matter, matter, matter, yeah”

  1. ‘Authors Of Forever’

‘Authors Of Forever’ is the real golden nugget on this album. This rhythmically charged anthem is all about embracing the ups and downs of life and is set as a reminder to try live in the moment as it’s so easy to overthink everything around us.

“We arе born on our own and we die on our own, and we’rе here to make meaning of what happens in between” she sings during the chorus while the bridge refrains; “If you find love, it feels like it’s the first time. God only knows it will be the last time”. But it’s the comforting lyric “Wherever you are, it’s alright” that really stood out to me because it perfectly sums up the feeling of the song, which is that it feels like a giant warm hug of reassurance. 

Sonically it’s rhythmically charged but it’s remains quite minimalist and reminds me of ‘When It’s All Over’ with its balance.