SINGLE REVIEW: Dami Im – Paper Dragon

Dami Im is one of Australia’s most powerful and unique pop voices. After winning The X Factor Australia in 2013, the Brisbane based singer-songwriter went onto representing Australia in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, and was absolutely robbed of the crown.

After leaving Sony Music Australia last year and deciding to go independent, she has just announced her signing with ABC Music as she heads towards the release of a new studio album next year.

Her new single ‘Paper Dragon’ is an empowering and beautiful track that genuinely feels like the embodiment of a classic Dami Im song. It’s hopeful, and an anthem in its own right for anyone that needs to remember their own strength and embrace their power. 

“I am a dragon, dragon, I breathe fire. Don’t try to fight, don’t try to fight, watch and admire” she sings during the catchy and empowering chorus before adding in the bridge; “You thought you pushed me down but I am flying high. And I will fly. Watch me fly high”.

Matching this hopeful sentiment with a colourful production, she returns to her playful pop roots of ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Super Love’ to give you pulsating synths and an ear worm hook that will quickly get stuck in your head. It also has this grand cinematic feel to it which could easily see it being played during the credits of a coming-of-age or self-reflective film. 

‘Paper Dragon’ is Dami Im’s strongest solo release since ‘Sound Of Silence’ and hers her reclaiming her own power and making sure that everyone else knows that they can’t hold her down.