Channeling the same sassy energy that Ariana Grande gave us on the anthemic ‘break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored’, RARIA tells it like it is on her infectious and nostalgic filled single ‘Break Up With Her’. 

However behind this sassy idealism that he should break up with her, is an emotional storyline of heartbreak. Following in the wake of a break-up, the Melbourne singer-songwriter watches her ex move on with someone new while she’s still trying to pick up the pieces of her heart that are scattered on the floor. Questioning why he can move on so quickly, she starts comparing what they had together, to what he now has with his new girlfriend. 

“I wonder how you make her feel. Do you love her like you loved me? Do we have similarities? I wonder if you gon’ do her wrong. Like you did to me, with no honesty.” she sings during the second verse. Layered with an emotional essence, she does give you a bit of a sassy chorus with the catchy line “I wish you would break up with her, cause you’d be better with me. Oh you’re a bad guy, and you’ll break her heart. Why do you want her and not me?”. And it’s in those moments that she kinda admits that she knows that he’s wrong for her as he’s not a nice guy, but the heart wants what it wants. 

Continuing the laid back pop vibe of her previous single ‘Will You Tell Your Girlfriend?’, she combines an acoustic guitar riff with a nostalgic pop beat and smooth harmonies. It’s dreamy, and lives up to that “what if” styled aesthetic. 

This is another strong single for RARIA as she re-introduces herself to listeners with a bold new vision after honing her craft under the name Rachel Costanzo over the past couple of years.