SINGLE REVIEW: Rachel Platten – Soldiers

It’s been a little while in-between releases for Rachel Platten, but the singer-songwriter is back to spread love through an empowering and important new single. Since the release of her totally underrated record ‘Waves’ in 2017, she has welcomed a baby girl into the world with her husband, toured with Pentatonix, released a children’s book called ‘You Belong’, and also released an accompanying single of the same name. But now she’s ready to get new music flowing into the world. 

‘Soliders’ sonically follows in the footsteps of her anthems ‘Fight Song’, ‘Stand By You’ and ‘Better Place’. Beginning with her emotional pop vocals and a tender piano accompaniment, the song builds with cinematic pop production built around it, and explodes with an empowering warmth. But as the song concludes, she brings it back to it’s piano roots and allows her heartfelt delivery cement its strength. After the sonical exploration of ‘Waves’, it’s nice to hear her in this light again as she sings for love in a soulful and emotional capacity. 

Exploring how we are all human, and how we are all connected through our emotions, she shines a light on our similarities and how we all need to continue uplifting each other in times of hardships and difference. “I think we’re all just trying our best. Wе work so hard, that we forget how to give oursеlves forgiveness. So let’s all hold each other close cause there’s so much we can’t control. But we don’t have to feel alone” she sings during the second verse. But my favourite lyric comes during the tender “We’ve all got hearts that easily break”. 

‘Soldiers’ is a cinematic and anthemic comeback that stands strong next to her biggest hits, and uplifts her consistent message of love, equality and understanding which has always powered every step in her career.