SINGLE REVIEW: Ninajirachi & Kota Banks – True North

2020 has been a really strange year. And there’s not many positive things that we can say it has brought into the world, but one definitely is the birth of a Ninajirachi and Kota Banks collaborative project. 

The upstart producer and the pop prodigy have collaborated in the past on ‘Everything We Dreamed Of’ with Nina La Vegas and KLP, and recently Ninajirachi did a remix of Kota’s new song ‘Never Sleep’. But now they are stepping further into the collaborative world and bringing you a DIY project that combines their two unique sounds. 

‘True North’ introduces you to the two sides of their artistries, and as they build up the different layers it transforms into something that is uniquely them. Beginning minimalistic with soft production and Kota’s smooth auto-tuned vocals, they then get a little glitchy with their sound before they drop a hyper-pop beat that is chaotically fun. It’s very DIY, experimental and unexpected, which is what you want from a collaboration like this. 

Lyrically the song sits in the emotional lane as they express their love for someone and how they don’t want to be separated from them. “I’m crying diamonds when I cry over you. I shine, shine, shine shine. Even when I’m pain. Even when I’m insane” Kota sings. 

‘True North’ is a super strong that beautifully blends their two sounds, and uniquely gives you something that you will want to hit replay on over and over again.