SINGLE REVIEW: Ellen Reed – Lycra

Taking control of her own narrative, Ellen Reed is ready to dance through the personal revelation she recently had that you control your own power, and showcase the growth she’s had in accepting and loving herself. Stepping into that new light full of confidence and self-awareness, ‘Lycra’ is the beginning of a new chapter in her musical journey. 

Soaked in slick synths and big pop beats, The Voice Australia favourite has honed a playful sound reminiscent of Dua Lipa that embodies the electric confidence and personality that oozes through the lyrics, and she’s even intertwined it with a nostalgic 80’s twist. It’s upbeat, funky and is really designed to come to life on the live stage. 

Inspired lyrically by the likes of Lizzo and Lady Gaga, ‘Lycra’ is an anthem for anyone that has ever doubted themselves and felt like their age, size, colour, sexuality or gender has been something that has hindered them in the past. She makes sure her statements come across loud and clear with the body positive lyrics “whether her or him, gonna give them skin” and “short skirt, thick thighs, gonna make it alright”. She also get a little playful with the infectious hook; “get a little bit jazzercise, cause you like my size. I’ll wear lycra, because I like ya”. 

This is the Brisbane singer-songwriter’s strongest release yet as she begins to hone her sound and vision as an artist. But this is only the beginning of a new string of singles that re-introduces her to listeners in a confident and self-assured light, and we can’t wait to hear more!