SINGLE REVIEW: Renforshort – nostalgic (luv sick)

renforshort is an exciting newcomer on the rise. With her debut EP ‘teenage angst’ only released earlier this year with the viral ‘fuck, I luv my friends’ following soon after in its footsteps, the Toronto based singer-songwriter is ready to keep that trajectory building with a new single. 

‘nostalgic (luv sick)’ is yet another impressive exploration into the coming of age storyline she has detailed through her growing discography. This one hears the 18 year old reminiscing over past experiences with a person which is bittersweet as you see your time coming to an end with them. While she wrote this a little while ago about a different experience, she’s found herself recently re-connecting with the sentiment as she watches her friends move away to college and the distance get in the way. It’s a parallel crossover that highlights the universal connection behind her songwriting. 

“I still get that feeling when I read our old messages. Relive all the shit we did. Think about the days when we were lovesick, just a couple dumb kids” she sings during the punchy chorus. 

The production ties into the nostalgic branding with a simple guitar riff gliding through the verses, before grungey guitars and drums lead into an early 2000’s reminiscent hook. The chorus ignites a sound that brings you back to the likes of when Busted, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson were giving you pop-rock chart toppers. 

From the very first listen, renforshort will captivate you with her bold sound and with it’s relatable heart of letting go of a time that you still hold close to your heart.