Over the past couple of years AYLA has introduced herself to listeners as an intriguing voice with an evolving sound and a whole lot of heart. From the release of her debut EP ‘When The World Ends’ in 2015 to ‘Let’s Talk Monday’ in 2018, she found an impressive confidence that unravelled within her production and storytelling which has abled her to go even grander in this forthcoming next chapter.  

The Brisbane based singer-songwriter impressed earlier this year with the brooding ‘Go Slow’ which was produced by Peking Duk’s Reuben Styles. The song captured this stunning growth with a slow burner that exploded in its final minute with dark and buzzing synths. And now for her new single she has teamed up with Sam Thomlinson from Oh My My for a gritty and captivating track.  

‘Manic’ is one of AYLA’s strongest releases yet. There’s a raw confidence that shines through immediately and highlights the unexpected production quirks that drive the song. Opening with the simple falling of piano keys, crackling distortion and her soulful vocals, she intimately draws you in before the chorus explodes with this gritty DIY beat drop. It’s quite unexpected but it works so perfectly that you find yourself excitingly anticipating the production shift every chorus. 

Imagining a story of a band of people fighting against oppression, she visualised a Game Of Thrones meets steam-punk world which really inspired the DIY sonical palette. But lyrically the song finds it’s own place in 2020 with everyone sharing their voice, and making sure it’s heard in a time where it’s so important to strive for equality. “I hate it when you cry but it clears your eyes, and I that you need it sometimes. I hate the way you say it but I know your right, if we want it done then we stay and fight” she sings during the chorus. 

The song has this raw power that runs through its veins which is highlighted by AYLA’s stunning vocals. It’s a very captivating listen that yet again proves that she’s constantly evolving and preparing a must listen debut album which will be unveiled in 2021.