ASHWARYA exploded onto the scene two months ago with her unpredictable debut single ‘PSYCHO HOLE’ which delivered a dark and brooding vibe similar to Billie Eilish’s ‘Bury A Friend’. It was a song that immediately gained rave reviews from fans and critics alike who labelled her as a must watch artist. 

The Melbourne based singer-songwriter has returned with the equally impressive follow up single ‘BIRYANI’ that intertwines her electronic pop sonical foundations with her Indian heritage. Beginning with dark and brooding synths that ooze a similar likeness to her debut, she quickly switches it up with a dancehall reminiscent beat before then switching it up again with this drum heavy chorus that feels very organic and prominent. It may sonically sound like it would be all over the place, but it cohesively fits with the DIY feel of it all. 

Biryani is an indian mixed rice dish, and for this song she compares her love for someone to the dish, which is totally relatable for any food lovers out there. She highlights that Biryani is so great when all the right ingredients come together, which could be also said for the perfect relationship. 

“I love you like Biryani” she playfully quips with another sassy embedded message of “you will never find another like me” tied in there. She also intertwines some of the lyrical delivery in Hindi which proudly hears her sharing her heritage further with the world. 

‘BIRYANI’ is another bold introduction to who ASHWARYA is as an artist and it will immediately have you wanting to strut alongside her to this hypnotic and infectious beat, cause it is a bonafide banger.