SKŸE is genuinely one of Australia’s most unique emerging voices, and you better get ready to be spellbound immediately with his transcendent new single, ‘Love Like That’. From the opening buzzing of the synthesiser that leads into the simple falling keys of the piano, he builds this cinematic and heart-wrenching moment gracefully.

Describing the emotional feelings of unrequited love, the Melbourne based singer-songwriter has you simultaneously experiencing the pain, confusion and love behind every word that falls out of his mouth. “I can’t deny, though I try, I just want you” he vulnerably sings before proclaiming in the chorus; “If you could love me back, no strings attached. It would be as sweet as that, it would be easy if you could love me like that”. 

For anyone that has experienced an unrequited love, this song will hit quite differently as you can physically feel every emotion in his delivery. And if you haven’t, then his vivid storytelling will have you feeling the pain of secrecy and confusion for the first time. 

Sonically the song taps into this cinematic space that soars during the powerful moments, and then indulges you in vulnerability during the intimate ones. Creating an androgynous tone, his vocal delivery floats in between a range that is reminiscent of Sam Smith, Vera Blue and Adele. And don’t even get me started on the high note at 2:08, because wow, shivers!

This is such a strong introductory to who SKŸE is, and marks only the beginning of the layers that he’s ready to unveil.