SINGLE REVIEW: Nick Marcus – Falling

Following in the footsteps of his recent singles ‘Burnin’ and ‘Bad Intentions’, Nick Marcus has announced that his debut self-titled EP will be finally released on October 18. To coincide with the announcement, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has unveiled a new chilled out single that shows a softer side to his artistry. 

‘Falling’ is a pop ballad that slightly injects some dark RNB attributes to the production and delivery.  Beginning with acoustic foundations, he builds the production with percussion, pop beats and a moody atmosphere to create a diverse rollercoaster of emotions. Sonically found somewhere in-between Ed Sheeran, James Arthur and Dean Lewis, he also draws inspiration from the emotional darkness found in The Weeknd’s discography.

Reflecting on unrequited love, he addresses the cold reality of falling in love with someone who just doesn’t feel the same way back. “I’m falling so deep. I see a future with you, when you hold me close, I’d do anything for you” he sings during the chorus before proclaiming, “I’m falling please, don’t go”, in one final desperate attempt to keep them close. 

It showcases a very different side of his artistry, and it’s a welcomed exploration as it’s melodically and emotionally stronger than the RNB tinged ‘Burnin’ which lost his heart and moody experimentation that he perfectly captured with ‘Bad Intentions’.