SINGLE REVIEW: JP Saxe – A Little Bit Yours

After wowing a global audience with his beautiful performance of ‘If The World Was Ending’ with Julia Michaels at the 2020 VMAS, JP Saxe is ready to get even sadder with you with his heartfelt new single. 

‘A Little Bit Yours’ is a tender moment of raw vulnerability and intense honesty. Reflecting on an intense break-up that sees him holding on for dear life to the old flame that once lit up a whole room, he realises that he has to let go because the other half already has. But as easy it is said than done, he acknowledges the pain it’s caused him, and the weight that they still have on him. 

“Maybe if I said the right thing, It never woulda gone this way. And maybe that’s the problem, cause I still kinda think it was up to me, when I never coulda made you stay” he honestly sings during the second verse before candidly admitting “You’re not mine anymore, but I’m still a little bit yours”

For anyone that has ever been through a break-up before from a relationship that they never wanted to end, then your heart will feel really heavy during this song. The emotional weight is so captivating and evoking that you fall into the storyline, and are standing alongside in solidarity with him. Whether you’re going through those emotions right now, or you felt those things a few years ago, you will be feeling the freshness that oozes through the delivery and be back in that heartbreak moment. 

The production is very minimalist as he begins with just a piano that gracefully intertwines with his soothing vocals. Building the song’s atmosphere with soulful harmonies, he keeps the songs full focus on the raw emotions that are being showcased. 

‘A Little Bit Yours’ is one of Jp Saxe’s strongest songs yet, and it’s an impressive display of growth and resilience to be able to share this with the world.