SINGLE REVIEW: Foxes – Friends In The Corner

Foxes is keeping us well fed and hydrated during this global pandemic with a string of singles that have excitingly welcomed her back after a brief hiatus. The British singer-songwriter has returned with a raw confidence that has shone through the disco injected ‘Love Not Loving You’, and the emotionally tender ballad ‘Woman’. And now she’s adding a bit of euphoric pop to the mix with her new single ‘Friends In The Corner’. 

Captured during the boisterous nights out that are full of champagne toasts, endless cocktails, lots of dancing and screaming at each other over favourite songs, this song is an ode to friendship. It’s the soundtrack to a montage you’d expect to see in a Kristen Wiig movie that highlights the passion of friendship, and the happy moments that you don’t think you’ll ever forget. But this song scrapes deeper as it pans out to the realities of not always being truly okay.

“All of my friends in the corner. Everybody’s looking like they need someone” she reflects before later questioning “Do you need someone?” as she notices her friends deep in their thoughts and not being as ecstatic as normal. It’s a reminder to check in with your friends, and to encourage an open dialogue about mental health as we are all struggling with our own demons. It’s nice to be able to open up and share them with someone, and its important to encourage the healthiness of that. 

Intertwining that powerful sentiment and the emotional core of the song with a euphoric indie-pop production, she builds up a sound that feels like classic Foxes. It’s very reminiscent of her early material from her debut album ‘Glorious’, and explodes a euphoric release in the chorus. Led by a pulsating guitar riff and a driving drum beat, she will have you immediately ready to scream along to the lyrics and dance simultaneously.