MIXTAPE: Jess B – 3 Nights In Amsterdam

New Zealand based MC Jess B is an artist that honestly already deserves a bigger fanbase and higher recognition as she is a star. Her trajectory is on the right path, but her new mixtape ‘3 Nights In Amsterdam’ is such a bold and definitive collection that deserves to be heard by everyone. 

Confidently charged, this collection of tracks immediately draws comparisons to the likes of Missy Elliott because of its strong rhythmic beats and impressive lyrical flow. From the opening moments of ‘Bullseye’ she brings you into this dancehall meets Hip-Hop sonical world that is so fun and anthemic. Immediately encouraging you to start dancing, this is a song that will come to life in her future live shows. 

‘We That Filth’ then turns down the BPMS slightly but continues a strong dancehall beat for a song that is all about not changing who she is for anyone, and being confident with who she wants to be as an artist and a person. “Fuck ya boardroom I don’t wanna sit in. Tryna switch up the game, if you wit me get in” she proudly exclaims during the first verse. 

‘Shut Up!’ is another anthem that her live show is going to further elevate. It’s super confident, memorable and super hype. While ‘Pon It’ and ‘Drop Nuts’ are a little grittier with their rhythmic production, the latter gives you some standout lyrics like “Old ways must die like John Tucker” which is a iconic 2000’s pop culture reference, and the empowering “B-Bad energy bitch, stop it. See bad energy, then I chop it”

With each song sitting at a 2 and a half minute duration, she keeps the songs punchy and memorable. She gives listeners exactly what they didn’t know they needed, and will have them coming back straight away by pushing play and increasing those streaming numbers. 

Jess B is a star and this mixtape proves that.