ALBUM REVIEW: Dua Lipa – Club Future Nostalgia

There’s no denying that ‘Future Nostalgia’ is one of the best pop albums of the year, and I’m expecting it to rightfully top a lot of end of year lists. With a year of touring put on hold, Dua Lipa has decided to give fans a fresh perceptive of the experimental layers behind her new album.

‘Club Future Nostalgia’ is a DJ Mix compilation overseen and produced by The Blessed Madonna, with the help from a few famous friends. It’s been made with the intention to be played in clubs once they officially re-open and when we can dance again freely on a sweaty floor together. So that sentiment needs to be loosely remembered when listening because otherwise it will just feel chaotic. But with that being said, this collection is also just a little chaotic. 

Instead of having double mixes of some songs, it should’ve been selective as it would be been more impactful with just one mix per song. Towards the second half of the album it just feels lengthy and overdone that you begin to skip through songs.

The Madonna and Missy Elliott remix of ‘Levitating’ is painstakingly bad and should be erased from our memories ASAP as ‘Levitating’ is actually one of the best pop songs of the year and did nothing to deserve that disservice. But then on the other end of the spectrum Mark Ronson and Gwen Stefani’s remix of ‘Physical’ is absolutely perfect. Giving the song a full facelift, they transport it into this sexy slightly down-tempo version. 

The rest of the interpretations on the album are straight up club remixes and to be honest, The Jayda G remix of ‘Cool’ and The Blessed Madonna version of the unreleased ‘Love Is Religion’ are the only clear standouts. The rest just sound like your stock-standed club remixes and aren’t anything too revolutionary, which is totally disappointing. 

In hindsight ‘Future Nostalgia’ didn’t need this remix album and instead it could’ve been an EP which may have had a bigger impact.