SINGLE REVIEW: Mia Rodriguez – Beautiful & Bittersweet

Mia Rodriguez is leading the way for a new wave of Australian pop-stars. The Sydney based singer-songwriter emerged with the smash breakthrough streaming hits ‘Emotion’ and ‘Psycho’. With their moody dark-pop elements, the songs still had their glossy pop polish that immediately won over a huge fanbase and has seen her gain over 2 million followers on TikTok. 

Her third single ‘Beautiful & Bittersweet’ hears her falling further down the rabbit hole of dark-pop with vivid theatrical layers cohesively shining through. Sonically reminiscent of the likes of Allie X, Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, Natalia Kills and early Poppy, the vision for this song is very strong and captivating. 

Reflecting on a toxic relationship that she found herself stuck in, she highlights how easy it is to get drawn back in and enter this never-ending cycle. Because at the end of the day what makes it so toxic is that there is such good memories connected to that relationship and positive affirmations that reinforced your feelings. “Love, we got that kind of love, the one that cuts you deep. Torn between the beautiful and bittersweet” she sings during the eerie and catchy hook. 

‘Beautiful & Bittersweet’ exudes this unique kookiness that has shone through all of her releases so far. It’s a little left centred and hears her clearly standing out of the box. There’s no one like Mia Rodriguez in the spotlight at the moment in Australia, and it’s exciting because it will help shine a light on other artists like Sarah Saint James who are in the wings and ready to make their impact.