SINGLE REVIEW: Jakøb – Selfish

Stepping into the spotlight with his bold and defined sound, Jakøb has introduced himself to listeners again, but this time as a solo artist. After being apart of the coming of age boyband In Stereo, he departed the group with a distinct vision in mind that his debut self-titled EP cemented last year. 

‘Selfish’ is the Sydney singer-songwriter’s first release of 2020 and it steers his RNB injected sound into a funk inspired new direction. Laced with live production, this song takes you on a psychedelic pop-rock journey that is inspired by the likes of Ocean Alley, and crosses over into The Weeknd territory. 

Reflecting on the end of a relationship, Jakob walks away from the break-up with a sense of contentment in his decision to choose his own happiness over someone elses. It’s the self-love track you need as it’s a fresh perspective on naturally being upset of the breakdown of a relationship, but also realising that it’s for the best that you move on. 

“Now that I can’t call you mine, all the attention I have for me, myself ain’t that that bad. I kinda like that I’m being selfish. No second placing, I’m first. I’m one and only, not third” he sings during the strong hook. 

Produced by Cyrus, the song has a real organic and natural feel to it with it’s live guitars and drums  that transports this song into another sonical realm for him, and shows a distinct growth from his debut EP.