DVNA has been coming in hot and impressing listeners with her organic alt-pop sound that intertwines with neo-soul and RNB attributes. Following huge performances at BIGSOUND and Laneway Festival, the Gold Coast singer-songwriter is finally releasing her debut EP into the world. 

With ‘All My Friends’ scheduled for a September 25 release, this 9 track body of work is expected to be an expansive and immersive collection that continues her sonical exploration. To coincide with the announcement, she has released the title track which is soncially one of her most playful tracks yet, but lyrically it’s one of her darker and more emotionally charged releases.

Reflecting on the reality of it being okay to not have everything put together at all given moments, she reminds people that the expectations we have on ourselves, and others, is unrealistic and harsh. It’s an ode to acknowledging your own mental health and taking care of it during times where you’re feeling overwhelmed and saturated by everything else happening around it. It’s very relevant and relatable with the current global pandemic affecting people in such drastic different ways. 

“I get so reminiscent, of when I didn’t give a fuck . Back in the day when instant, meant noodles in a cup. And our ideas weren’t twisted on what it takes to feel loved. Now our flaws are like symptoms of never being enough” she sings during the opening moments of the song as she details the daily anxieties we face because of the social media world we live in now. As she heads into the chorus she exclaims; “All my friends are crazy. Anxiety so trendy it’s gone mainstream . I raise a glass to all confused and dazed too. This world’s so damaged I don’t even blame you”. 

While it is reflective and dark, the song is also quite celebratory in the sense of normalising the fact we are all in this together. With its slinky neo-soul meets alt-pop production, she has you grooving through these personal revelations in a very organic and funky way. 

‘All My Friends’ is a great continuation of DVNA’s bold introductory to listeners, and hears her yet again not sacrificing her vision and growing sound for anyone.