SINGLE REVIEW: Cry Baby – Cry Baby

Introducing yourself to the world with a self-titled debut single is bold and a high-key risk to say the least, but Cry Baby has perfectly and successfully pulled that feat off. The Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter had been busking away in a pre-Covid world in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and impressing people with her gripping vocals. But now she’s taken centre stage under the spotlight with her first single, and first full production glimpse of who she is as an artist. 

‘Cry Baby’ is a smooth and pulsating indie-pop song that sonically sits somewhere between Mallrat, Eves Karydas and Kiiara. With oozing synths coming into focus during the opening moments of the song, her gripping pop vocals help glide the listener through this very smooth 2 and a half minute track. It stays in the same sonical world the whole way through and cohesively allows you to immerse yourself. 

Taking control of her own narrative, the song takes a spin on the negative thoughts that being a “cry baby” made her feel. Claiming this name as her moniker and as the concept for her debut single, she owns her own emotions and vulnerability, and uses that as a strength as she launches this musical project. “I’m an indecisive, misspoken, cry baby. I’m an insecure, misspoken, I’m a crybaby. My cards are on the table, I’ve got nothing to hide” she sings during the catchy hook. 

It may be brief in duration but the song immediately grabs your attention and shows strong promise that Cry Baby may just be a newcomer you will fall head over heels in love with. 

Cry Baby

Listen to Cry Baby on Spotify. Cry Baby · Song · 2020.