SINGLE REVIEW: Calvin Harris – feat. The Weeknd – Over Now

Calvin Harris really has left the EDM world behind. His new songs are vibe central with rhythmic beats leading the new vision. But by doing this he’s melded into the vision of the artists he’s collaborating with and lost his originality which came from the big dance beats he’s honed for years. For example, his new collaboration with The Weeknd ‘Over Now’ just sounds like a typical Weeknd song. There’s no distinct originality injected into the sonic that makes it stand out as a collaboration. 

The brooding and moody RNB song is laced with a groovy slow jam production. It feels like a cabaret lounge inspired moment that is seductive and honest. Reflecting on the end of a toxic relationship, he lays it all out to his ex to let them know it’s really over and they are never getting back together, like ever. 

“I need you to know that we ain’t ever gonna go back. This time, it got so bad, It’s not the same” he honestly sings. There’s a really confident and emotional heart behind this song, but I just wish the production was bolder in capturing that essence as it does fall into the background. 

The production sits at one tone throughout the full duration and doesn’t have a big shift in progression which is something this song desperately needed.