SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Sloan – House With No Mirrors

Following the release of three deep vulnerable and personal EP’s, Sasha Sloan is finally ready to share her debut album with the world. ‘Only Child’ is a collection of ten honest reflections of her personal struggles and triumphs that hears her finding a mature confidence in being transparently raw. And her new single ‘House With No Mirrors’ is a perfect representation of that. 

This is by far Sasha’s most personal track yet, and by the first minute into the track you will already feel the heaviness and personal release that it unravels. Opening up about an eating disorder that she developed in high school, and is still living with now, she reflects on the impact her constant obsession with her appearance has had on her life. Questioning who she would be if she lived in a house with no mirrors, she ponders whether she would be happier and could stop second guessing every though she has.

“I would save a lot of money. I would say when I was hungry. I’d throw on some jeans, not know the size. Walk out the door and not wanna cry” she admits during the first verse before then singing in the chorus; “If I lived in a house with no mirrors, where the walls didn’t talk back at me, maybe I’d dream a bit bigger, If there was nothing to see”.

Allowing the personal lyrics to take centre stage, the production is very minimalistic and stays in a state of dreamy reflection. With just an acoustic guitar layered with atmospheric synths and a simple pop percussion beat, it doesn’t feel over-cooked and seamlessly continues that intimate feel that the lyrics immediately create. 

This song is a deep confessional of sorts. One of those songs that feels like it’s taken straight from her diary, unedited. Or taken from a voice recording from a psychologist appointment. It’s raw and honest, but it’s also beautiful and strong. She doesn’t hold anything back lyrically and allows listeners to know exactly where she’s at. 

Through releasing this song she’s not only going to hopefully feel lighter from sharing it with the world, but she’s also going to help so many people feel understood and not alone with their own personal struggles with their bodies and easting disorders. It’s a powerful song and a powerful sentiment to share with the world on a debut album.