Azure confidently knows who she wants to be as an artist, and it all begins with honesty. Embracing the idea of being the ultimate poster child for mental health awareness, she is very candid about her ongoing struggle and the events that have happened in her life that have impacted who she is now. 

With her mother passing away at an early age and her father not present for most of her teen years, she hasn’t had a “normal” life and she’s had to learn how to grow on her own. Taking that pain and turning it into art, her foundational releases have musically laid those introductory layers and have impressed a growing fanbase of listeners with tracks like ‘Bad’ and ‘Cheater’. 

Her new single ‘Talk’ is about the end of a toxic relationship and knowing that it’s crashing but just not saying anything so you can enjoy the final few moments. In it’s own way that action is toxic towards yourself, but you also don’t care at the time because of your own mental health issues. Everything feels like a effort and you sometimes just give up on even wanting to try.

Described as a dirty-pop song, this track serves you nostalgic mid 2000’s pop rock vibes with the likes of Kate Voegele and Ashlee Simpson mixed in with the punk attitude of Paramore. It is pulsating, edgy and punchy. 

Coinciding with the honest yet playful nature of this song, the accompanying music video sees Azure sitting in a psychologist’s office and creating a scene of angst rebellion during her session. It’s shot in a very simple but captivating way that entices the chaotic side of you to really dive into the playful heart of the track.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the ‘Talk’ music video BELOW;