SINGLE REVIEW: Vera Blue – Lie To Me

Vera Blue is ready to begin a whole new chapter in her musical journey. ‘Perennial’ was a beautifully intimate and vulnerable reflection on heartbreak that took you through the different stages of a break up. From the initial pain, to moving on, to the tender reflection, she vividly painted the stages of grief and highlighted the empowering emotions of falling in love with yourself again. And now as she steers towards her highly anticipated sophomore album, she welcomes you to the other side as she falls in love again. 

‘Lie To Me’ is a bold return that begins where the last album finished. Freshly on the other side of a break-up the unthinkable happens, she starts falling in love again. It’s unprecedented, and while her heart was falling for them, her head was already planning out the worst case scenario and this song dives into that fear and internal dialogue. 

“Would you lie to me? If I lie, would you lie? Say goodbye to me? When you’re there by my side?” she sings during the anthemic chorus. But then she later questions “Am I ever gonna, ever gonna let him in? Am I ever gonna, ever gonna push you out?” as she references the fearful thoughts that lead her astray so easily.

Complimenting that struggle, she creates a very bold sonical world that this song lives within. The slinky pop beats intertwine with this groovy guitar riff that will immediately have you rocking back and forth and ready to dance along to at a future show of hers. As the song steers towards the bridge, she delivers a DIY production breakdown that is reminiscent of the distortion breakdown in ‘Give In’. It’s a gritty little moment that the song needed to show the contrast of emotions that the storyline perfectly articulates. 

‘Lie To Me’ is a very bold return for Vera Blue as it brings that playful pop sound that ‘Regular Touch’ and ‘Lady Powers’ embodied, but also intertwines some grittier DIY elements that her fans have really embraced over the years. And on top of all that, it’s ridiculously catchy.