SINGLE REVIEW: Greyson Chance – Bad To Myself

Greyson Chance is ready to be vulnerable with his fans in a way that he’s never been before. ‘portraits’ was an intimate look into his life post coming-out-as-gay, as he explored the complications of the love and heartbreak he experienced. This body of work connected with so many people worldwide because of it’s raw honesty and beautiful delivery. And with his next studio album in the pipeline, he’s ready to have people’s emotions running high again.

‘Bad To Myself’ is a candid look into the past year of his life where he was privately suffering from anorexia. He explained on Twitter that every day was just made up of the same routine; “wake-up, plane, venue, soundcheck, have a drink, stage, have another drink, hotel room, alone”. He was drinking in replacement of eating, and would hide his weight loss by wearing baggy clothes. It wasn’t until he woke up one day in hospital that he realised something need to change and he had to get better. And that is when this new single was born.  

“I’m throwing my tears to the fire. Lately, I’m so damn tired of being bad to myself, bad, bad to myself” he proclaims during the soulfully charged chorus. But it’s the bridge that delivers a very important line as he further paints that hope in the face of his struggles. “No demon in me that I can’t fight. Look in the mirror, this is my life. Even through all four seasons, fighting for my new freedom”. 

After experimenting with a very DIY production on ‘Honeysuckle’, he returns to his piano roots for this song. With atmospheric synths and pop beats adding to this layering, the song embodies that euphoric grasp of hope that he’s acknowledged. It builds into this big soulfully charged moment which is the perfect mix of uplifting and emotional and is a moment that is going to soundtrack a lot of people’s personal awakenings. 

This is Greyson Chance’s strongest release yet from this new project, and it’s rightfully a very special one too that mixes in a lot of different emotions.