CODY JON has already successfully introduced himself to the world as an artist you need to get to know with his rapidly building viral singles ‘poison’, ‘all thanks to you’, and ‘what’s up’ that have over 460,000 combined streams on Spotify alone. The seventeen year old bedroom-pop artist has been creatively putting together these vivid moments that detail the coming-of-age time in his life in the most captivating way possible, and it’s VERY exciting. 

Soaked in DIY production and an accompanying 90’s retro aesthetic, these songs travel down a Ruel meets Rex Country Orange and Justin Timberlake inspired production. And his new single ‘Incognito’ continues to serve that vibe perfectly. 

Opening with synthesiser that sounds straight out a late 90’s video game, he gives you this rhythmically charged pop beat that has a lot of layers to it. Incorporating production stops and quirky additions like the opening of a canned drink and slick spoken parts, you honestly have no idea where this song will go. It builds perfectly, and I was totally living for the syncopated drums that led into the final chorus. At under two and half minutes long, you will find yourself wishing that the song was longer because it is such a captivating and unique listen.

Reflecting on our obsessive behaviour with social media and our phones, Cody encourages listeners to purposefully put them away and be in the moment more. It’s something that we all need to hear every now and then as we do tend to forget that there are other ways to connect with people. 

“I know you don’t want to die before your photoshoot. But I don’t want to die until I fully know what I can do” he sings towards a love interest who is so obsessed with posting content online. But it’s the lyric “walk and talk without the walkie talkie in your pocket, I know it’s not impossible” that stands out with its playful attitude. 

‘Incognito’ is yet again another strong single for CODY JON. Led by a strong DIY vision, he gives you a topical social commentary while also putting a playful twist on the delivery. It’s impressive to say the least, and if you’re not already excited about the music he’s making then you will be now.