SINGLE REVIEW: Darling Brando – Nightlights

After introducing themselves to the world with the Hot Chelle Rae inspired pop track ‘Beat Up Guitar’ earlier this year, Darling Brando are back to show you why they’re the new pop supergroup you need to get excited over.

‘Nightlights’ hears the Sydney trio stripping things back to more of a minimalist approach while they get a little sentimental over their segue into adulthood. Reflecting on the chaotic nights out, the blinding lights, and the buzzing feedback of amps that soundtrack your early adult memories, there is a sense of nostalgia cemented in the roots of the song. 

“So sleep when you’re dead, ain’t going to bed. We’re all little kids trying not to close their eyes” they sing during the pre-chorus before proclaiming “We’re still awake and starry eyed. It’s just diffеrent nightlights” while referencing always being somewhere new. 

Their retelling of these memories feels quite cinematic because of the vivid lyrics that build this storyboard and naturally comes to life in front of you. Accompanied by a minimalist production, the acoustic guitar led sound that intertwines atmospheric pop beats feels naturally soothing and embeds a sense of nostalgia. It’s also very reminiscent of One Direction’s later material from their ‘Made In The A.M’ and ‘Four’ albums, which is something we will always accept with open arms. 

‘Nightlights’ is a slight sonical departure from ‘Beat Up Guitar’, but it still embodies the same strong melodies and harmonies that its predecessor originally delivered, just in a new way.