SINGLE REVIEW: Bella Ferraro – Her

From the moment Bella Ferraro walked away from the spotlight, I knew that it wasn’t the last we had seen of her. It may have taken seven years, but she’s finally back with a new found confidence and understanding of she is as an artist, as well as who she is as a young woman. 

The Bella Ferraro you were acquainted with on The X Factor Australia in 2012 was timid and unsure of who she was, and was quietly questioning her sexuality. But as you hear on her comeback single ‘Her’, the now UK based singer-songwriter has proudly come out and experienced love and heartbreak within the queer world. 

Reflecting on the uncertainty of a relationship, and the toxicity that can exude so naturally from something just being wrong, this song romanticises that moment and hears Ferraro clinging on while knowing that they weren’t meant to be together. 

“I like the way I’m wrapped around her little finger. I like the way she lives inside my head and lingers. I like the way she’ll pull and push me, it’s so lovely. I like the way she hesitates to say she loves me” she sings as she highlights the toxicity seeping into the relationship. 

Contrasting the moody emotional undertones, she layers this delivery with a very hypnotic electronic-pop production. It’s a sound that is quite jarring and surprising at first compared to the ballads we were first introduced to her with on the show, but this is who she is now, and it’s very addictive. Somewhere found in-between Tove Lo and Vera Blue, this sound immediately draws you in and has you captivated with its pulsating layers. 

With the explosion of the chorus creating an anthemic sonical moment, the lyrics paint this vivivd imagery that feels so cinematic, and is something you are going to want to sing loud at a festival. “High above the clouds now, I don’t wanna come down. I prefer dreaming lovely dreams of her”. 

‘Her’ is a bold and definitive return for Bella Ferraro that showcases her raw growth in not only her obvious talent, but also in her personal journey which she’s starting to candidly unravel.