SINGLE REVIEW: Will Hyde – Over U.

Over the past couple of months Will Hyde has been introducing himself to listeners with some of the catchiest indie-pop tracks of 2020. With a groovy sonic soaked over honest songwriting and smooth vocals, he’s given you these genuinely cool and standout moments that have made you increasingly intrigued of what else is to come. 

Coinciding with the announcement of his debut EP ‘with u in my mind’ which will be released on October 23, he’s dropped the slightly different ‘over u.’ Led with acoustic instrumentation, this song builds a rhythmic production around it that turns into this radio ready singalong. Citing Rex Orange County as an influence, he also goes down a similar pop path of Illy’s recent material with it’s organic grooviness. 

Reflecting on the impact that a past relationship can still have on you ages after it ends, Hyde admits that he thought he was over them before realising that they’re still on his mind for whatever reason, and not completely understanding why. 

“I thought that I was over you but now I’m missing what I’m used to. You make me feel like such a fool. Kills me to feel the way I do. I thought I was over you” he sings during the chorus before admitting “You make me miserable when i’m in love with you”. It’s a playful and in depth exploration that intertwines his personality into the delivery in a very organic way. 

‘over u’ isn’t as immediately in your face as his previous singles, but it’s still as catchy and memorable. It just grows in a different way, and has this easy pop sensibility that certifies that Hyde knows how to write strong pop songs with 3/3 being bonafide bangers.