SINGLE REVIEW: Golden Vessel feat. Mallrat – littlebitwild

With his sophomore studio album ‘colt’ scheduled for a October 15 release, Golden Vessel is ready to unveil the second single from this blooming project. Filled with a sense of calmness and nostalgia, ‘littlebitwild’ hears him teaming with Mallrat for their first collaboration since ‘Shoulders’ in 2017. 

Reflecting on the realisation that they need to take time for themselves and experience the craziness of life that revolves around them, there is truly an uplifting sentiment that drives the soothing melodies. 

Opening with the lyrics, “I was fine until it was time to feel. Hit me like a truck, really woke me up”, they immediately set the tone for the song as they glide in the chorus and calmingly confess “I’m gonna be fine. I wanna be right. I wanna be right there. Little bit wild, like a little big child”. 

Beginning with minimalistic production that sounds like something that would’ve fittingly belonged on Mallrat’s last EP, they then add in a dreamy rhythmic beat to sonically shift the feeling of the song. Alternating between vocal parts, the also both beautifully harmonise together for some special little moments. 

‘littlebitwild’ feels like a warm hug, filled with reassurance and understanding that things will be okay even if they do feel a little bit wild at the time. It’s a song that will grow on you with every listen and one that you won’t be able to shake from your head. 


Listen to littlebitwild on Spotify. Golden Vessel · Song · 2020.