SINGLE REVIEW: Dua Lipa feat. Madonna & Missy Elliott – Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix)

With majority of the world not being able to go out dancing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dua Lipa is bringing the club to your homes with her ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ remix album. Bringing a fresh new perspective to her critical acclaimed sophomore record, there is a lot of high expectations for her to knock this out of the park. Sadly the lead single ‘Levitating featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott is not a strong representation of this. 

Not only is ‘Levitating’ the best song on ‘Future Nostalgia’ but it’s also the best pop song of 2020, case closed. So for this coveted remix to be so painful is very heartbreaking. I wanted this to be the spotlight moment the song deserves, but The Blessed Madonna remix is a chaotic explosion of nostalgic synths and house beats that give no room for the song to breathe it’s lushness.

The reason why I originally loved the song so much was because it was so nostalgic and brought me into a 80’s soaked world. It had a natural groove to it that didn’t feel forced, and the acapella breakdown brought old school Madonna realness. So for Madonna to be featured on this remix was incredibly exciting and fitting. But for the production they’ve brought a ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’ vibe that feels too overproduced and wrong for this song. And then they’ve thrown on a Missy Elliott rap that feels so disjointed to everything else happening on the track. It honestly feels like a wasted opportunity on Lipa’s end to have these two icons on this particular release. 

The whole time you listen to the song you will just be itching to press play on the original because this remix is way too chaotic to even pay attention.