SINGLE REVIEW: Running Touch – Signs

Running Touch is currently preparing the release of his highly anticipated debut album, and it’s promised to be an innovative and moody affair that fuses genres together, and progressively breaks the stereotypes of what EDM is. 

‘Meet Me’ began this new journey in April, and now the second taste of what’s to come is here with the percussive ‘Signs’ which sonically switches everything up. At it’s foundations, this song is an alt-rock track. There isn’t any synths and electronic beats driving the baseline of the song, instead it’s all organically produced with live instrumentation through drums and guitars. 

It’s a very bold move for Running Touch as it dramatically steps away from the infectiously moody drops we are used to from him, but at the heart of it, it’s still a signature Running Touch song. After all, he did come from the hard-rock world and his live show has always been a strong representation of that fusion and growth. 

‘Signs’ hears him reflecting at the end of a relationship that he desperately tried to hold together by ignoring the signs. Its something that a lot of us do because we are so in love, and are so scared of being hurt. “No, I know you’re ready to go, I threw away the signs. And no, I didn’t say I’d let you know. I know you said it but I can’t be sure you know, didn’t know” he sings during the chorus. 

This is a very strong song for Running Touch as it explicitly shows another side to his artistry that has always been lingering in the wings, but finally gets it’s deserving prominent moment. And to accompany this song, he’s recorded a live drum cover with members of Northlane, Ocean Grove and Crooked Colours as a part of a new instrument focused series called Post Modern Collective which will accompany his new releases.