SINGLE REVIEW: Matt Corby – If I Never Say A Word

There’s never been a better time than right now to spread a little hope and a little love, and Matt Corby has done just that with his soulful new single ‘If I Never Say A Word’. Written before the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, this song was planned to be held off for his next studio album, but he soon realised that it really would be best suited to be released now. 

The ethereal track is classic Matt as it soothingly sets down the alternative transcendent foundations, and then adds in a smooth pop layer on top. It begins quite minimalistic and then continually grows with added percussion, and a groovy little guitar riff that feels reminiscent of HAIM. And then as the song heads towards a big finish he amplifies and loops his vocals to give this grand feel. 

Reflecting on confrontation within a relationship, he admits that he’s okay staying silent and letting the other person take control if that’s what makes them happy. “Do you feel it better when it’s your way . Do you treat it better when it’s your move . Do you think you need it for your mind’s sake . If I never say a word it’s all good if I don’t” he sings during the chorus. 

Its a very sweet and cinematically placed song that will have your spirits lifted in a time that can be quite hard to feel inspired.