LANY are releasing their third studio album ‘Mama’s Boy’ on October 2 and after their critically acclaimed sophomore record ‘Malibu Nights’ there are high expectations surrounding what’s coming. 

With that being said, the lead singles ‘good guys’ and ‘if this is the last time’ really split fans and critics alike because they were borderline cringeworthy and mediocre. Thankfully they have restored faith with their romantically charged new single ‘you!’ which feels warm, hopeful and emotional, which AKA is all the feelings you want to experience during a LANY song. 

Reflecting on someone entering his life in a really dark period, lead singer Paul Klein sights how they became a really important part of his life, and a beacon for hope. Filled with vivid imagery, he immerses you into his mind as he recites that warmth and peace he finds in his life because of them. 

“Like water in the desert, Impossible to find. But you found me when I was broken. Put me back together, gave me life” he details during the opening moments of the song before proclaiming in the chorus; “You’re the sun to the moon. You’re my ocean painted blue. You, I’m nothing without you”. 

Co-written by Sasha Sloan and King Henry, they really captured that emotional warmth that the feeling of love and peace brings to someone. It’s a very positive song too which is something we don’t hear often from LANY or Sasha Sloan, so that was quite an initial shock. 

The production is aesthetically matching with an atmospheric tinge that feels like a sunset. Beginning with the humming of synths, they ignite into a big guitar and drum led sound that will feel even more fulfilled and large in their live show. 

This is THE moment I was waiting for from LANY. This was also the level of emotion and fulfilled reflection I wanted to experience on this album, so hopefully the rest of the album follows in its footsteps.