FLETCHER has never held back from giving you the most vulnerable details in her honest driven pop songs, and her forthcoming EP ‘The S(EX) Tapes’ which is slated for a September 18 release, doesn’t shy away from diving further into her feelings. 

Following her recent Kito collaboration ‘Bitter’, she’s given fans another look into the moody and seductive world that this EP lives in with the relatable-as-fuck song, ‘If I Hated You’. 

This is a track that anyone that has experienced heartbreak will be able to immediately resonate with. From laying in bed feeling completely lost, and losing yourself into a crippling heartbreak depression, we’ve all just wish we could hate the person so we could move on easier. But at the end of the day, love isn’t simple, and it never really makes sense as to why we can struggle so hard to let go. 

Reflecting on her experience with her ex over the last couple of months that saw them quarantining and creating all the visuals for this EP together, she admits that everything would be easy if she could just hate her. “My bedtime is the darkest. That’s when I’m brokenhearted. The nighttime is the hardest. It’d be easy if I hated you” she sings during the rhythmically driven chorus. 

She delivers a lot of honest truths throughout the song with lyrics like “If I hated you, I know that I could do this on my own” and “I hope that you don’t find someone that touches you the way that I do”, which just add to the relatability.

On top of all of the standout lyrical strengths, this production is also just pure fire. Beginning with a brooding and moody beat that intertwines with her seductive vocal delivery, she switches it up for a groovy guitar riff baseline during the chorus which will have you thrusting away. 

‘If I Hated You’ is a song that you’ll want to simultaneously cry and dance along to. It’s emotionally driven but also still have a playfulness embedded which makes it such a captivating listen.