SINGLE REVIEW: Alicia Keys feat. Khalid – So Done

Alicia Keys’ seventh studio album is one that keeps getting pushed back further and further to the point that I’m unsure if we are even going to get it in 2020. But to keep us on our toes, she’s released a brand new single with Khalid that could potentially get the ball rolling again.

‘So Done’ is a RNB slow jam that comfortably sits in one tone throughout the whole duration and doesn’t grow or shift sonically. Unfortunately it’s quite forgettable, which is a shame because the idea of an Alicia Keys and Khalid collaboration was very exciting to me. I was hoping for something a little groovier from their joint forces that could’ve sparked a sonical wave similar to ‘When It’s All Over’. But instead you immediately know what you’re getting from them within the first 10 seconds as the dynamics do not change throughout the rest of the song. 

Another unfortunate factor is that the lyrics are very good. Like, really, really good, and deserve an uplifting moment to spotlight the empowering undertones. Discovering their own worth inside themselves, this song is all about accepting and elevating themselves which is a mantra we can all embrace in our own lives. But the messaging gets lost in the dull delivery. 

“Cause I’m so, so done guarding my tongue, holding me back. I’m living the way that I want cause I’m so, so done, fighting myself, going through Hell. I’m living the way that I want” they sing during the chorus.  

There’s so much that could’ve been done to this song, but instead all we got was the bare minimum and it’s a real shame.