SINGLE REVIEW: Hope D – Common Denominator

If Hope D isn’t already on your radar then it’s about time that you acquaint yourself with the rapidly-rising Brisbane singer-songwriter. After premiering her debut single ‘Swim’ last year, she immediately created quite a buzz that then glided into her appropriately titled follow up single ‘Second’. 

But now she’s ready to give the third course to her hungry fans who have already excitingly watched her at BIGSOUND, Splendour In The Grass, Laneway Festival, King Street Crawl and sold out headline shows in Brisbane, just itching to get more. 

‘Common Denominator’ is her strongest single yet, and it’s one that is honestly very, very exciting. The angsty pop-rock track takes you back to the early 2000’s with a slight grungey layering around a very strong pop hook that will immediately get stuck in your head. The song then builds throughout it’s 3 minute duration up until the final hook where it climaxes into this super angsty delivery which will be a huge highlight in her live show. With a big singalong chorus, it just feels like an anthem, and to be honest, it actually is. It’s an coming of age anthem for the misunderstood and the people who are sick and tired of their sexuality defining them. 

Reflecting on the naivety behind her first relationship where the two didn’t have anything in common other than both being gay, she questions why they were paired up by their friends in the first place. As someone else who is queer, I have continually questioned the motives behind people trying to set me up with someone, so this song is immediately relatable. 

“I don’t think we get along, and frankly I am sick of this. How about I teach you a song, and you can teach me politics. How could they’ve been so wrong, yeah they must be lunatics. They don’t know their facts, just cause we’re gay don’t mean we match” she sings during the punchy chorus. 

‘Common Denominator’ is a riot of a song, and one that you’ll have immediately stuck in your head. It’s HUGE, and it’s VERY exciting.

Common Denominator

Listen to Common Denominator on Spotify. Hope D · Song · 2020.