After giving us the dark and moody ‘Night Garden’ last month, BENEE has switched things up and delivered a playfully ridiculous alt-pop song that will have you smiling ear to ear upon the first listen.

‘Snail’ is a lockdown inspired song that explores her fascination with snails and their freedom to be outside in the rain and fresh air while all of New Zealand were forced to isolate. It may sound like a silly concept for a song, but it’s oh-so brilliant as now all I can think of is what it would be like to be a snail. 

“Everything is good, everything is fine. Thought I’d let you know, having a great time. Wonder why you stay inside. I can’t talk, can’t speak my mind” she sings during the first verse from the snail’s perspective while they question why everyone isn’t leaving their homes and being completely unaware of the COVID-19 pandemic. She then goes onto relating to a snail’s traits during the playful chorus. “I’m like a snail, you’re a guy, kinda mad I can’t fly. When it’s day, hide away, but come out when it rains”.

Sonically sitting in the same world as ‘Supalonely’ and ‘Soaked’, this song leans towards a even more pop polish that is reminiscent of Mallrat’s earlier material. It has an DIY edge to it that her music has always embodied, but it’s also got such a smart pop sensibility. The chorus is infectiously catchy and will be stuck in your head from the first listen. It radiates pure fun and gives the world a little joy and stupidness in a time that feels so heavy and serious.