It’s so easy to get lost in a world of self-reflection and genuine confusion as you enter your early twenties and are expected to have your shit together. It’s a preconceived notion which is totally unrealistic and one that the majority of people struggle to live up to. 

TRYHARD is the bold musical project from 22 year old Melbourne singer-songwriter James Comito, which explores that confusing coming of age experience in a very confident and colourful way. 

Stepping away from his behind the scenes work of songwriting and collaborating with fellow rising stars Muki, Oh Boy and Chris Watts, TRYHARD’s debut single ‘Dopamine’ is a strong testament to the collaborative work he’s been honing. 

The cinematically descriptive lyrics, take you into this blurry-eyed world of making mistakes to numb the pain of anxiety and trying to calm the natural pattern of overthinking. Continually making mistakes and finding temporary highs to dose yourself with dopamine, you do naturally end up returning to the original thoughts that were plaguing your brain. “This is the youngest that I’m ever gonna be, so why aren’t I happy?” he candidly questions. 

Highlighting all the different sides of these feelings, the rest of the song plays up to the highs of living in the moment and is an accurate embodiment of chasing dopamine. “All my friends in their tents doing lines. Got a girl on my arm, she ain’t mine though. This is how it’s supposed to be. Running out of time, I’m chasing dopamine” he sings during the catchy hook. 

Sonically the synth layered indie-pop track draws quick comparisons to the likes of Troye Sivan, Bleachers and Isaac Dunbar. Beginning with a pulsating synth driving the heartbeat of the verse, he polishes it up for the chorus for a big euphoric moment that will have you smiling from ear to ear. It’s a song that would fit perfectly on a coming of age Netflix film like ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ or ‘The Kissing Booth’. 

‘Dopamine’ is a playful and multi-layered debut for TRYHARD as it showcases a lot of different sides of his artistry in a punchy 3 and a half minute dose. With two more singles scheduled for 2020, get ready to get to know who he is even more intimately.